This is (c)Respective Copyright Holders, artwork photoreferenced, digitally drawn in SAI & CS3 and (c)METhe visual is part of a project I’m currently involved with. More news as things develop, so stay tuned & tooned.
(c)Respective Copyright Holder[s], art drawn & (c)me
Blue lead pencil used for this ‘private joke’ about the ‘improbable occasion of Thor becoming a goddess. Heck… what could I know four years ago..?
(c)Respective Copyright Holder[s], art drawn 4 years ago (c)me.
Scanned pencil artwork with some additions in Photoshop.
I swear I didn’t now they’re going to make the live action Maleficent movie..!

(c)Respective Copyright Holders

Art is (c)& done by me. Pencils with graphite and blue leads used, plus Hunt #102 nib and #3 sable brush with Higgins ink. Drawn in the 90’s.

(c)Respective Copyright Holders, comissioned by Philip Lawson, Esq.

Photoreferenced, drawn in SAI Painting Program and finished in CS3

Copyright (C)RespectiveCopyright Holders especially Hindu religion observers and practicioneersKali - a slightly modernized version - is digitally drawn by me and art is (C)ME

PIN-UP… Arena or Doodle..?

I’d love to contribute to the either but wonder — is it by an invitation or I have to apply for the acceptance..?

Any suggestions..? A piece of good ol’ advice..?

Thanks all in advance.


Copyright (c) Respective Copyright Holders, drawn by me in SAI and CS6.

©LINGO Centar stranih jezika/Foreign Languages Centre

Peace, people.
Lots of health, joy, prosperity and hope to everyone.
Mir vam, ljudi.
Puno zdravlja, radosti, uspeha i nade svima.

(C)Yvonne Otero - red lead pencil sketch drawn &(C)ME